Molly McNamee | Programs
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Check out the different personal training programs I have to offer. You can purchase or preview the plans right from this page. If you already have a training program, use the menu bar above to navigate your workouts.

In-Person Personal Training (contact for pricing)

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, let's workout! I specialize in weight loss, strength training and corrective exercise and would love to help you reach your goals. I meet most of my clients at their homes, nearby parks, or at a private gym in North Hollywood. Please contact me for more information on pricing and to set up a session. By hiring me as your trainer you will be getting more than just a workout, you will be getting a partner in your fitness journey.

MFit Membership ($4.99/month)

The MFit Membership is perfect for individuals of all fitness levels looking to lose weight, get stronger, and find complete fitness. This is the perfect training option for those who are on a budget but want a structured workout program. Become an MFit Member for an ever-changing weekly workout schedule, new exclusive workout videos uploaded weekly, an exercise library with 200+ exercises, nutrition coaching, grocery lists, live workouts & much more. The first week is free!

Custom Online Training ($300/month)

This is as close to working with me in person as you can get! You will receive a workout plan customized to fit your goals and lifestyle! I will send you new workouts everyday and hold you accountable through email check-ins.  This constant contact will allow me to create the perfect workout plan for you. This program includes all the custom workouts and coaching in-person training has with the added  luxury of doing the workouts on your own schedule.

8-Week Weight Loss Program ($75)

Try my 8-week weight loss program to burn fat and build lean muscle. Enrollment in this program comes with a complete workout schedule, exclusive workout videos, an exercise library with 80+ exercises, custom nutrition advice & more.

8-Week Build A Booty Program ($75)

Try my 8-week muscle-building program to help you achieve an hourglass figure. Enrollment in this program comes with a complete workout schedule, exclusive workout videos, an exercise library with 80+ exercises, nutrition advice & more.

25 Days of MFit Challenge (FREE)

Want to see what MFit is all about? Try my free 25 day challenge for 25 days of workouts. This challenge is great for those who live a busy life but still want to get fit. Each workout is under 20-minutes & apartment friendly.